Bull Market for Silver Predicted

Fore the last 8 years silver has been in the doldrums. Silver stackers although faithful to the shiny metal have been discouraged. It could be that silver is about to shine for the next 8 years! A new bull market for silver predicted by all the top analysts around the world. What is causing this new bull phase?

There are a few factors in the favor of silver for the next decade. One of the most important reasons in my humble opinion is the world has gone crazy in it’s money printing. Soon money is not going to be worth the buying power it has today. You cannot keep pumping billions of dollars into the economy month after month. What are the banks going to do with all this cash? Sooner or later they are going to have to start loading it on helicopters and dropping if from the sky.

Bull Market for Silver Predicted

Today there was an interesting news article coming out of the U.K. Minimum wages over there are about to rise 4 times faster than inflation. So what causes inflation? Rising wages are the cause. When wages start to spike inflation has been unleashed. This is all very bullish for commodities in general in the coming decade. Silver will benefit greatly from this coming inflationary period. If wages start to surge in the western world so will assets. Who remembers the 70s? Inflation was unleashed and prices went crazy, especially Real Estate and Gold.

So what lies ahead for the Silver price? Expect higher prices going forward. How high is anyone’s guess. Silver is such a small volatile market it is possible it could spike back to the Gold Silver ratio average. Right now is is around 85. If we get a spike back to the average of around 50 were looking at a minimum rise of 35%. Not bad of a jump if your holding Silver coins. In a bull market the ratio could and should spike well below the average and could run all the way down to 15. Prepare yourself with for this move with physical silver coins.

Bull Market for Silver Predicted

Silver is primed, locked and loaded. If the trade war talks go well silver will benefit greatly. What happens if talks falter? Silver will sky rocket as a safe haven investment. Is it a win – win situation for the shiny metal? There is a lot of silver sloshing around in the world let’s face it. A lot more of it than gold. But silver is different. Over half of all the silver stocks above ground at the moment go into industrial demand. Now can you imagine if industrial growth around the world spikes!

The other half of Silver goes into jewelry with around ten percent of this going into silver coins and investment. Now this is a very tiny market. With trillions of investment dollars sloshing around the world looking for yields silver investment could explode. Money managers around the planet have trillions in their pockets. They are looking at the silver market. We just could be in for the biggest boom in silver ever. Let’s look at Silver in the coming decade as protection and insurance against the insanity going on around us. Protect yourself and your family by investing in Silver Coins. Legal tender silver coins from around the globe. Take Action Today!

Bull Market for Silver Predicted
Bull Market for Silver Predicted
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