Gold Silver Surge Global Stock Markets Slide on Iran Fears

It looks like the World is in defense mode today. Gold Silver surge Global Stock Markets slide on Iran fears. Now it is hard to say what the outcome of the killing of a top Iran official is going to be. At this point in time it does not look good. The result could be devastating for the Middle East. Tensions could not be any volatile around the Globe between various religious and political factions already.

With the ability to drop a bomb on any target you desire a whole new World of worry has arisen. So what happens if a rogue group of fanatical terrorists decide to attack a U.S. target. Would that imply that the powers that be start dropping bombs on the Muslim populations around the globe. Yikes, no wonder people are pouring into Gold and Silver.

Gold Silver Surge Global Stock Markets Slide on Iran Fears

Stock Markets are plummeting around the World today! Is oil going to come under threat in the Middle East and supplies get cut off? Europe will bear the brunt of such an event and drive it’s economies into further slowdown if an oil shortage occurs. Oil is still the main economic force effecting business around the world. Prices rise and profits fall. This will cause a drop in stock markets everywhere and a huge spike in safe assets such as Silver.

Are you prepared for War! Muslims around the Middle East countries surrounding Israel are screaming Yankee go Home! Uprisings and protest against the West are rising as we speak! There is trouble ahead and if not settled quickly will cause further stress and uncertainty in the Trade Wars. All is not well and only getting worse.

 Gold Silver  Surge  Global Stock Markets Slide on Iran Fears

The Iraqi government has begun to consider new parameters for the American military in Iraq after lawmakers voted 170-0 on Sunday in favor of expelling United States troops from their country.

The troops will be limited to “training and advising” Iraqi forces, but will not be allowed to move off their bases or to fly in Iraqi airspace while plans are being made for their departure, said Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Khalaf, the military spokesman for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Gold Silver Surge Global Stock Markets Slide on Iran Fears

Both sides are uttering threat of future action and tensions are rising in Iran. Zeinab Suleimani, General Suleimani’s daughter, said in a eulogy that the United States and Israel faced a “dark day.”

“You crazy Trump, the symbol of ignorance, the slave of Zionists, don’t think that the killing of my father will finish everything,” she said.

The general’s funeral was attended by a broad swath of Iranians, including reformers who oppose the government of President Hassan Rouhani but who perceived the killing as an attack on all of Iran.

“I felt like he was our safety umbrella spread above Iran,” said Amir Ali, 22, a university student, of General Suleimani. “I felt safe knowing he was out there.”

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