millionaires made during the Great Depression

Separating Fact from Fiction

Our world has a natural balance. You see it in everything from your personal life, professional life, physics, and even the economy.

When the natural balance is off things go awry. Let’s say you decide not to show up for work. Your boss decides your services are no longer needed. Decide not to pay your electricity bill, your lights go out. This even holds true for major economic events like recessions. This theory also holds true in times of Recession or Depression. Believe it or not, there were more millionaires made during the Great Depression than any other time in history. Why is this? It all came down to being prepared.

millionaires made during the Great Depression

So how should one get in balance and equalize their chances in case of such an event. Silver of course. Paper money buys far less today than it did 80 years ago. Silver and gold will buy just as much and in most cases more. In times of severe deflation or recession it has been proven to rise more. A great safety net against these unforeseen financial storms.  Roughly every thirty to forty years the reigning monetary system fails and a new one is created. It is now around fifty years since our current monetary system began. Through all currency transitions silver and gold held their own.

Every time there is a major economic recession, there is also a major transfer of wealth. For example the major financial crisis in the fall of 2008. A lot of people lost their homes. It is a tragedy and there are countless reasons for why so many people lost their homes, but my focus is not on the loss as much as it is the gain. Homes were foreclosed upon. They were then sold to investors or people who had enough wealth to buy them at below market value because the banks just wanted their money back and to cut their losses. People who were better prepared gained wealth by buying these houses.

Silver as a Safety Net

When hard times do arrive and assets such as stocks and real estate tumble silver shines. Over and over again through history silver has proven to be a great hedge. This is where physical silver coins come into play. You can cash them in anywhere in the world to any reputable dealer for instant cash at current spot prices. There is no better safety net anywhere to cash in on any coming financial turmoil. Also a major geo political event causes silver to rise. We focus on silver here at QuickSilver Home Business just for the fact gold is becoming to expensive for most. Silver is still affordable but it won’t be for long.

Even as I write this article today the U.S. jobs report is coming in lower than expected. Manufacturing is slowing which eventually will effect consumers. If the labor market starts to crack then people will stop spending. Already economists are predicting more rate cuts for the U.S. are coming. What will this mean for silver going forward? All through history silver has followed gold. Every time the gold price has risen silver follows. Proven to be a reliable insurance policy against recession or depression. Protect your money against any bumps in the road with silver coins.

Prepare with Silver Coins

So what measures should you take to prepare yourself to be the recipient of the wealth?

Winston Churchill, “The farther you can see into the past, the farther you can see into the future.”

As I mentioned, the past has shown that gold and silver hold their own through the years. Gold and silver increase in value dramatically when the value of the dollar decreases.

Be prepared. Having fiat currency isn’t a bad thing. For now the world still revolves around it, but you should prepare by diversifying. What if you went to bed one night with $10,000 in life savings in the bank and woke up the next day to find you could not access it. It is possible with a bank system collapse. Maybe it was a cyber attack that shut down the banks. Don’t think it is possible? It has happened before in history. During the great depression banks closed over night and peoples money was lost. Education is key. Learn from the past or be doomed to repeat it.

Prepare with Silver Coins

Prepare for any kind future financial storms with legal tender silver coins. Real money that is minted from the top government mints from around the world. Countries such as Britain, Canada, Australia and the good old U.S. of A. just to name some. These countries collect valuable and rare silver legal tender coins that are accepted anywhere in the world. A great way to start saving your hard earned money in case of a coming recession or depression.

Coins such as Silver Eagles and the Canadian Maple Leaf are highly sought after all over the world. A good example is the recently minted Maple Leaf burnished silver one ounce coin. There was a first time minting of this coin at the Winnipeg mint in Canada. Maple Leafs are highly desired by collectors and this coin because of it’s rarity will become sought after. Already this coin is close to being bought out and you cannot buy it from the mint without a special order.

Start saving your future in silver coins. Right now silver has never been more affordable compared to gold. How long this is going to last is anyone’s guess. Once silver makes it move it could rocket higher virtually overnight. Silver is the most volatile precious metal so act now. Take Action before it is too late.

Prepare with Silver Coins

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