Silver Bar Demand Up in India and North America

According to the Silver Institute’s research silver bar demand in India and North America is rising. Bar’s are in demand and it’s all to do with the high price of Gold. Let’s look at the facts. Silver is a lot cheaper to buy and the Gold Silver ratio is at records high’s. All this means two things, Silver is about to rise or Gold is about to fall.

Now we look at the world’s turmoils. Record low interest rates. Global political uncertainties. What about the massive injections of billions of dollars daily into the financial systems around the world. Then we have to look at the economic outlook’s around the globe! All the pointers tell us we are heading for a slowdown. Of course no one can say but inflation has been tamed. If you believe that then your head is buried in a desert storm and you better pull it out and take a look around.

Silver Bar Demand up in India and North America

Here is a great article from the Silver Institute which clearly shows the rising demand for silver. When these large countries show interest in a precious metal others take notice. Silver seems to the the choice of younger Indians as the price of Gold keeps rising. All this will drive the price of Silver to new heights in the coming years. I doubt very much if Gold is about to have a massive drop in price mainly due to the cost of mine production. Demand is growing from World Banks for Gold.

The Silver Institute

Silver Demand

The 4 percent growth in total silver demand for 2018, reaching 1.03 billion ounces, marked a three-year high. The silver coin and bar category rose by an impressive 20 percent, although the rise was entirely driven by silver bar demand, which jumped up by 53 percent. Silver bar demand was led by exceptionally strong sentiment in India, where demand leaped 115 percent higher last year. In contrast, coin and medal demand dipped by 4 percent, although the decrease was considerably lower than the losses recorded in 2017.

Silver Jewelry and Silverware Demand

Silver jewelry demand moved 4 percent higher in 2018 to 212.5 Moz. India was again the standout, pushing its demand for jewelry up 16 percent to achieve a new record level. Demand also picked up strongly in North America, with the United States posting a 7 percent rise to an all-time high at 17.4 Moz. Global demand for silverware jumped by 6 percent last year to 61.1 Moz, led by a strong recovery in demand from India, which experienced a 10 percent increase to 41.8 Moz. Turkish silverware demand rose by 20 percent to 1.6 Moz, a level not seen since 2009.

Silver Bar Demand up in India and North America

Silver Bar Demand up in India and North America

Material and statistics in this section were adapted in part from the Silver Institute’s World Silver Survey 2019.

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