Silver Price is about to Explode Higher

Well it seems like the experts at FX Precious Metals seems to think we are about to pop the Global debt cycle. They are predicting the silver price is about to explode higher. FX is a precious metals technical analyst company that takes trends and predicts future moves.

Silver is tailing gold in the move and is about to play catch up. What this means according to their charts is an explosive move of silver prices in the coming decade. News like this is always good for the worlds silver stackers who save silver for their retirement. If the predictions are correct it could mean retiring in comfort for these folks. Let’s take a look what FX is saying.

Silver Price Predictions

A report from FX Empire on the outlook for silver.

A few days ago, I laid out the bullish case for gold and why I believe it will be one of the best performing assets over the next decade. I see even more potential in the silver chart (see below).

  1. Prices hold support above $16.20 and breakout above $18.50 later this year.
  2. Prices fail to hold $16.20, consolidate a bit longer and breakout next year.

Either way, the multi-year base at $14.00 represents a long-term bottom that should hold. With gold breaking above $1400, it’s likely just a matter of time before silver begins to play catch up. When prices break higher, I expect an initial run to $26.00. Longer-term, we see silver exceeding the $50 all-time high and entering a parabolic advance above $100.

Silver Price

AG Thorson is a registered CMT and expert in technical analysis. He believes we are in the final stages of a global debt super-cycle. Once this global debt cycle fails the price of silver will explode in value. Investors are already piling into gold around the world and silver has yet to follow. It is only a matter of time when the shiny metal will follow, sending the price of silver higher as global investors look for safe places to protect their wealth.

I myself am not looking for gold to rocket to tens of thousands of dollars and ounce and silver to 100s of dollars an ounce. Let’s face it the world could be in a sorry mess if this happens. What these predictions are telling us for soaring precious metals is trouble ahead. No one knows how deep this coming recession might be. Leaders around the world are meeting trying to halt the global slowdown. Personally my opinion is there is no fix.

Silver Price

When it comes to the state of the economies of the world at this present time one has stand back and look at the big picture. The price of homes are beyond reach for most people. Food is becoming more expensive year by year, certainly not cheaper. There are more and more people living in their RVs and cars around our great country. People are in debt up and above their means due to rising real estate. If the real estate market corrects lower many people will be house poor overnight. World banks will certainly be in trouble if people stop using credit.

I am not a doom and gloomer by any means but just looking around at the world these days should make one cautious. Gold and Silver has been a hedge against economic troubles, wars, political turmoils and fiat money’s since time began. It is no difference this time around as the great debt bubbles around the world start to fizz. Protect yourself and start buying some silver coins every month. Click below to start today.

Worlds banks

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