Silver Price News for 2020 Silver Coins running out in Germany

What’s going on with Silver and Gold in Germany. It seems the silver price news for 2020 silver coins running out in Germany. It seems the German government cut the amount of Gold and Silver down from 10000 Euro to 2000. Not only that there seems to be a run on the Gold and Silver shops. They are running out of Gold to sell and are shutting down.

Germans are getting worried about their jobs and the economy in general. Also with them being closer to the Middle East turmoil German people are getting insurance. The only insurance they trust is Gold and Silver. Believe me they are not buying Bitcoin or Stocks. People believe both these investments are about to fail and are putting their trust in Silver Coins.

Silver Price News for 2020 Silver Coins running out in Germany

Now is this a precursor for things to come all across Europe. Gold and Silver have been a long forgotten hedge against financial disaster for many years. It seems the precious metals are making a come back among younger people as insurance against their hard earned cash. After all it wasn’t all that long ago in history that Germany had run away inflation. Are they getting worried about something happening again.

One should take notice when a super industrial nation like Germany is preparing for a financial collapse. Precious metal dealers that have not sold out are seeing an increase in their customers by ten fold. Something is going on over there and the people of Germany are hedging there money against uncertainty.

A survey, conducted by the Research Center for Financial Services (CFIN) on behalf of Reisebank, found that German adults currently own a staggering 8918 tonnes of gold. Worth about € 330 billion at current Euro gold prices. Note, this figure is gold held by private citizens in Germany and does not include the gold reserves of the German central bank, the Bundesbank, which amount to an additional 3370 tonnes.

Silver Price News for 2020

China, India and now Germany are buying Gold. Not just the government either. Private citizens like you and me are buying Gold and Silver to protect their wealth. Who knows where the price of precious metals is going. One thing we do know that fiat money is heading in one direction and that is down. How much do you think your dollar will buy you in ten years from now? I am thinking not as much as it will today.

Maybe Silver won’t spike to the moon but one thing is certain, it will protect your wealth. Ever since man started trading and doing business with each other Silver has been important. It certainly looks like it is going to keep that safe haven attraction going forward. Silver Coins of legal tender are what you should be collecting. These are legal tender silver coins minted by governments around the world. You can be assured their content is pure silver.

Silver Price News for 2020

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Silver is a win win precious metal. If the economy booms silver rises because of it’s industrial value. When the economy tanks silver rises because of it’s safe haven value. Now I am not saying silver is going to reach heights to the stratosphere and make you a billionaire. What it will do is give you a safe investment that will protect you and your families future against turmoil. Take Action and start collecting beautiful silver coins today.

Silver Price News for 2020 Silver Coins running out in Germany
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